We offer a myriad of services but we have four primary programs dedicated to social, spiritual and emotional health.​​
  1. 1
    Our Restorative Arts program includes a community based music education program that serves young and old. If you don't want to play, come and listen. We host musical performances that range from classical to Latin percussion, in parks, private homes or concert halls, all free. We sponsor gardening programs throughout the city including our newest project, The East Cleveland Urban Forest and Farm. Gardening has been proven to increase levels of happy hormones while decreasing stress hormones and community gardening is an age old community builder.
    Restorative Arts
  2. 2
    We offer a variety of culturally sensitive yoga and meditation programs throughout the city geared towards beginners. Visit our events page to find a class near you.
    Yoga and Meditation
  3. 3
    Case Managers can assist you in all sorts of ways. They can help you get signed up for social services or refer you to legal aide. They can help you find housing or get your home lead tested. If you are a non-English speaker they can represent you in court or at your children's school. If you came to Cleveland with the support of a refugee resettlement agency and are no longer receiving services; case managers can offer you a continuum of care through referrals.
    Case Management
  4. 4
    Through our community partners, we offer support for individuals and families through groups and referrals. ​
    Behavioral Health

Additional community health building activities and specialty clinics can be found on our events page.