Targeting Outcomes.

Scholarly Support.

We accumulate data that demonstrates specific program and overall effectiveness with regard to individual and whole community health per our organizational mission. This data is used, in compliance with HIPAA privacy standards, to demonstrate to our funders, community partners and even government agencies the value of BCH's services. This data also aids us in continually improving our services and allows us to make statements like...
Our committment to being "innovative while empirically advised and clinically sound" requires that we rigorously document the outcomes of non-traditional therapeutic programs like our yoga program and our music program to demonstrate effectiveness and to advance scholarly discussions on community health based on our own research and the reports of our client-members who will demonstrate the fact that...
100% of our members will report that they feel healthier as a result of our program and will state that they were satisfied with their service.​​
Yoga has a proven clinical value as a treatment modality and is particularly useful for people who resist traditional pyschotherapy.​



Quality supportive services decrease crime in high risk communities and increase overall productivity.​​
Music produces measureable positive outcomes in the health of both the listener and the performer.​​